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Celebrating women who inspire and motivate us into a better future

What does feminine leadership really look like? Who are our present day heroines? What will it take to transform ourselves and our lives? How can we find inspiration through hard times? These super-women will be here to answer these vital questions and many more.

This event is for the young people of Coventry who are ready to meet the future head on. Join us for an incredible night of celebration, music, chats, laughter and inspiration.

Curated and produced by an incredible all-female EmpowHER team from Coventry (14-18yrs), MetamorphoSISTER has been created to bring together young people from the West Midlands to learn together, unite together and act together.

In partnership with the Positive Youth Foundation and the British Red Cross.


Juliet Davenport
Juliet is founder and Chief Executive Officer of Good Energy – a 100% renewable energy company with a mission to power a greener, cleaner future together.Juliet has continuously led innovation and in 2013 she was awarded an OBE for services to renewables. Juliet is passionate about creating a business that does good; one that can deliver the needs of society in a purposeful way.

Deyah is an MC and rapper with laid back beats, deep lyrical flow and occasional singing. Her music combines lo-fi Hip Hop, neo-soul, new vibe jazz and R&B. In 2019, Deyah was added to BBC Introducing's Hot List for International Women's Day. Deyah focuses on her calling as a person of faith, being a messenger and a storyteller, as well as to empower, uplift and entertain. She says "I want to educate people to live life without pressure of expectation".

Maggie Murphy
Maggie Murphy is the General Manager at Lewes FC, the only club in the world to have equal pay for its male and female players. She is also one of the leaders behind Equal Playing Field, a global initiative that seeks to promote opportunity, equality and respect for women and girls in football. This organisation made its name when 30 women from more than 20 countries climbed Mt Kilimanjaro, laid a full-size football pitch and a played a 90-minute Guinness World Record match. Maggie has a background in social justice and human rights. 

Mima Letts
Mima Letts is the founder and director of Tree Sparks a student-led social enterprise which wants to ignite the conversation about trees. Mima says: ‘Deciding to study forestry was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, but at the time it was scary and felt ludicrous. I had no idea what forestry actually was and that I was about to step into a male-dominated world. That’s when I realised things needed to change. I started speaking up and trying to make forestry more accessible to not just women, but everyone. I became the role model I wished I could have seen when I first decided to study forestry.’

Alison Leeming
Alison has gone from adversity to success. A survivor of sexual abuse and domestic violence, she is a single parent to three strong, independent girls and is a fighter. Through sheer determination to keep moving forwards she is now helping and inspiring others. She has a passion to support those facing hardship and is now Partnership Manager and Inclusion Officer for Doncaster Council.

Latifah Stone
Latifah is survivor of childhood rape and domestic violence. However, Latifah possess much resilience and courage which has seen her grow through these traumas. By day, Latifah works to support asylum seekers and refugees through practical and emotional barriers they face. By night, she mixes and blends superb sonics as a DJ and trains ferociously in Southern Praying Mantis and Shaolin Kung-Fu. She is currently the only woman in her temple.

Betsy Reed - Host
Betsy Reed is a sustainability strategist, campaigner and yoga teacher. Whether she's working with governments, corporates or communities to find creative solutions to transform the fashion, food or energy systems or teaching yoga, she's always working to help others create a sustainable future. and

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Presented by CHANGE Festival, The Positive Youth Foundation and British Red Cross as part of the EmpowHER programme.

EmpowHER builds young women and girls’ self-esteem and wellbeing by providing inclusive and meaningful social action opportunities to inspire them to lead change in their communities.

Time and Date: 7pm, Saturday, 19th October
Cost: £6

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