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Imagine Better 


Wouldn’t it be nice to feel hopeful for a change?

We live in worrying times. Sometimes it’s hard to see the bright side. But a better future is possible with a little imagination.

Change Festival is a new arts festival with something for everyone to look forward to. Above all, it’s a celebration of imagination.

Can you imagine better? Better food. Better homes. Better communities. Better lives for ourselves and our friends. To create better possibilities, first we need to imagine them.

Change Festival 2019 will take place in Coventry over three days. It will gather artists, circus, theatre, speakers and audiences from the West Midlands to imagine, play and explore. Whether you’re into live music, art installations, comedy or debates, we’ll have both familiar faces and new discoveries to enjoy.

So come and join us to ‘Imagine Better’. Treat yourself to one event or get involved in a few. We promise you’ll leave feeling inspired. Because we all deserve to feel hopeful about the future, if only we can imagine it.

The first festival will take place at Warwick Arts Centre in Coventry, 18-20 October 2019.

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The image "Blue Person" is a derivative of a photo by Ato Aikins on Unsplash.